Providing Good Food at Lower Cost
but Quality will not Compromise

Our Story

Farming in the Philippines is quite challenging. We are often at the mercy of typhoons which is on the average will come around 23 per year. Aside from this, the onsets of El Nino and La Nina prove to be very devastating not only to the financial status of our local farmers but also to the dreams of those who rely from them. Our story begins with them

Our Approach

Gastronomics Agri Solutions is Philippines leading provider of affordable and nutritious food from the country's 7,107 islands. Our diversified range of food makes us an obvious choice for mothers and chefs who want to control costs without compromising on quality

Gastronomics Agri Solutions provides different quality good food such as frozen seafood and vegetables to suit clients varying needs. We work and supports them to satisfy customer needs and help our local farmers.





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